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Private Slow Motion Strength Training with a Certified Personal Trainer 2x per week for 20 Minutes

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Welcome to PerfectlyFit

We're More Than A Gym...

Long hours spent in the gym 3 or 4 times a week to achieve your fitness goals are a thing of the past. The PerfectlyFit program utilizes slow-motion strength training to guarantee your strength and weight loss goals are reached in a very short amount of time. 20-minute personal training sessions, only twice a week!

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Covid-19 Safety

Screening Before Entry PerfectlyFit members will receive a contactless-monitor temperature check upon arriving at the Studio.


20-Minute Workouts. Twice a Week!

PerfectlyFit specializes in a combination of different slow-motion strength training modalities that will put your muscles to the test in a very short amount of time. Slow-motion strength training focuses on isolating the targeted muscle group, loading them up with the ideal weight, and performing perfect repititions until absolute fatigue.

Slow-motion high interval training is based on what we like to call The Power of Ten. Each exercise is performed with little to no momentum, targeting the entirety of an isolated muscle group. 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down, with perfect form, until your muscles hit the wall of exhaustion. This is the goal of Slow-motion strength training.

We know how difficult it is to stay on top of your fitness routine and overall health, so let our specialized program and certified personal trainers guide the way!

Efficient and Effective:

Strong Muscles for Everyone!

Increase your strength and balance.

Boosts your metabolism and reduce body fat.

Increases cardiovascular endurance.

Strengthen bones and increase bone density.

Control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases and joint pain.

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Method of Success

Our team is trained to help you reach your goals. You can expect to experience results when working with our trainers.

Slow & Steady

Perfect your technique and form. 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down for a perfectly performed rep.


Find the perfect weight-load to cause absolute muscle fatigue with little to no risk of injury. Type 2 muscle fiber stimulation!

Build Muscle

Train and track your progress with our PerfectlyFit software and personal trainers. Build muscle and lose weight fast!

What Our Clients Say

Read real testimonials from our clients that member of PrefectllyFit fitness club.

Highest Quality Workout


Say goodbye to the classic long-duration, time-consuming workout with little to no results. With the PerfectlyFit program you will see the excess weight melt away and your muscle mass begin to stack and tone.

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, the PerfectlyFit program will keep your supporting muscles, joints, and overall body strong and resilient. In less than an hour a week, slow-motion strength and resistance training will help you look and feel your best guaranteed.

Lose weight and inches

Improve muscle tone

Overcome health issues

Burn more calories

Gain strength and lean muscle

Improve cardiovascular health

Increase energy

Improve balance

Our Trainers

Our personal trainers have been helping people transform their bodies for more than 25 years.

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Justin M.

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Colleen C.

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Trainer 3
Matthew Anderson

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